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Status Report

Hello everyone ! Unfortunately we are lagging behind our road-map. Due to setbacks in development, our multiplayer code is still not ready for release. We also decided to migrate to new version of Unity, which slowed us down for another couple of weeks. At this point we won’t be setting up any official dates and […] Read more

Status Report

Hello everyone ! We are currently working hard on finishing the multiplayer code, there are a few features left to implement. Unfortunately we won’t be able to meet our goals, but releasing half-working code is definitely not a way to go. After restart update we hoped to release it by the end of February.  Its […] Read more

Azulgar New Dawn Update

It has been a year a long year, but we are finally back. After a long struggle we realized, that version we originally released should have been considered a prototype. We encountered many software design hurdles and game engine problems. We strapped too many unpolished features on unfinished core software architecture. Good news is that […] Read more

Azulgar: Star Commanders is a Sci-Fi open world sandbox game that puts you in a command of your own custom made space ship. Explore aftermath of the Azulgar event that reshaped the face of the solar system.


Game is currently in tech demo stage. Please visit our roadmap section for future updates reference.




Procedurally Generated Locations

All the content in the game is procedurally generated while the player explores. Wherever you go with your ship, you will always find new places, Stations, Nebulas,  etc.


Build Your Own Ship

You can build your own spaceship just as you wish to. There are different properties and dozens of variable modules enabling you to build your perfect ship.




Multiplayer Update – multiplayer features along with bugfixes, tweaks and map improvements




Azulgar: Star Commanders is created by a group of enthusiasts who have jointly founded the independent company SZEINER s.r.o. to create games and software.

In 2016, our game “Legends of Azulgar” (Azulgar: Star Commanders) was nominated for the Czech Game of the Year, where we measured our beginners skills with a number of professional teams. Thanks to this event, we got into the gaming community’s awareness.



>> OUR TEAM <<


Are you love sci-fi games? Love to programing under Unity3D or create awesome 3D graphic?

We are hiring you! – visit our page  and send us your CV!