Legends of Azulgar




What is LOA?

Legend of Azulgar is 3D explorer sci-fi RPG game. The player takes the seat of captain of his spaceship in random generated universe and start to explore the universe , discover the secrets of the mythical planet Azulgar and face danger that hides that remote corner of the galaxy.

You can help your faction claim whole galaxy or you rather enjoy exploring the ancient civilizations and their treasure? Or are you like more to be a trader, that travelers in caravans between stations ? The story is created especially by you . This all is complemented by a series of side quests, random events and big space battles.

Game properties

  • Randomly generated almost infinite and hell-like difficult universe
  • Exploring different places of the universe
  • Manage your home station
  • Design your own ship - 3 races, 6 ship classes and more than 800 modifications
  • Recruit a crew (Crew has an influence on the properties of your ship)
  • Tech tree
  • Asteroid mining
  • Ship has a limited resources that needs to be filled
  • Creating your own faction
  • Trading
  • Conquering and colonization of planets